A Culture Of Two, A Culture Of Optimism

AN IMPORTANT PART of my mission here at is to crush pessimism in the world at large. That is, to ruin its popularity. To make it less widespread. To put it in disrepute (where it belongs). And that is best done one-on-one between friends. If you're with me on this, then I have a mission for you, starting today: When you hear a friend of yours say something pessimistic (and mean it), don't try to talk her out of that one belief. Try to talk her out of pessimism in general. "Did you know pessimism is bad for your health? And it kills motivation and makes you feel bad unnecessarily?"

If you don't remember the details about the studies in Pessimism Is Bad For Your Immune System or Pessimism Is Bad For Your Heart, tell your friend you were reading about it and want to send her a link.

You could argue about any particular statement all day long, but what is really important is your stance on pessimism itself. It it okay or is it suspect? Is pessimism realistic? Does it help? Or is it self-defeating and counterproductive? You know the answer. Let's make that same understanding more widespread in the world, starting with your friend.

You have opportunities all the time, if you are paying attention. Your friend will reveal her thoughts when she speaks, and if you hear something pessimistic, point it out, let her know she is stronger than she thinks she is, more capable than she's giving herself credit for, and that the past does not dictate the future. Don't let pessimistic utterances go unchallenged.

Between every two friends, there is a miniature culture, and you can alter that culture, not domineeringly or demandingly, but with love and friendliness. You can do it gently, and over a period of time. Create a culture that
is aware of the danger and self-defeating nature of pessimism, a culture committed to optimism, determination, good health, and a better future.

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