Who Is This For? is not for everyone. You will benefit most from this work if one or more of these statements applies to you:

  • You have a challenging goal. If your goals are easy, if the setbacks you experience on the way to your goal are no big deal, this blog is not for you.
  • You feel frustrated or disheartened because your goals aren't happening the way you want them to.
  • You are committed to a great cause.
  • You run or manage an organization committed to a challenging cause, and you want the tools to help your people stay determined and motivated through the difficult times ahead.
  • You are highly motivated or ambitious.
  • You're having trouble with persistence and follow-through. You set goals, feel enthusiastic, and then the feeling of motivation slowly disappears.
  • You're in multi-level marketing and you want to give your downline the tools to persist in the face of rejection and challenges.
  • You're in sales and want rejections to bother you less. Ideally, you'd like to not even feel rejected in the slightest, but be able to feel just fine and learn something valuable from every interaction.
  • You're a parent who wants your child to show more persistence or confidence or motivation.
  • You know someone who thinks pessimistically and they haven't even thought of changing because they don't see anything wrong with pessimism. In fact, they don't think of their negativity as pessimistic. They believe they are "realists." If you know someone like this and you want to help that person become less pessimistic, you'll find the tools you need here to understand what's happening and open their eyes.
  • You feel you're living below your potential but don't know exactly what's holding you back. I can help you pinpoint exactly what's holding you back, and show you exactly what you can do to set yourself free.
  • You have strong feelings about politics and wish you could do something about it, but you feel helpless to influence world events.
  • You feel frustrated or helpless in any area of your life.
  • You want to do something but you've "accepted" the fact that you're never going to do it.
  • You simply want to be in a good mood more often.

The source of all of these is the same: A form of pessimism hidden in the back of your mind. If one or more of these statements describes you, we have the tools on this site to turn things around for you.

Are you ready? Where do you start? I suggest beginning with The Purpose Of It is a good introduction. But if you're ready to get into the meat of it, read all the posts in the category, how pessimism worms its way into your mind. And the core article to make you more persistent and determined than you ever thought possible is Undemoralize Yourself.

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