The Top 25 Questions To Ask Yourself

IN THE article, The Steering Wheel Of Your Mind, I talk about the power of asking questions. What follows is a list of questions that create good results. You can and should, of course, create your own questions, but if you ever need some help, or just want a good question you can pull out and start using without having to think up any, use these:
1. What am I grateful for?

2. If I was happy about this, what would I be thinking about it?

3. What did I do right today?

4. What CAN I change?

5. Does this help my goal?

6. What does life expect from me?

7. How can I prevent this from ever happening again?

8. What is the best use of my time right now?

9. How can I use this to accomplish my goal?

10. What's good about this?

11. What is my goal here?

12. What is another way to look at this?

13. What else?

14. What memory makes me feel good?

15. Ask questions to find out more about the situation.

16. What if it really happened?

17. What abilities do I have? What am I good at?

18. What is one healthy thing I could do today to feel better?

19. What needs to be done next?

20. What good have I been ignoring?

21. How can I look at this as a good thing?

22. What could I do to make some progress on my goal?

23. Could I just do part of it for now?

24. What would be a more reasonable explanation?

25. What emotion am I aiming for?

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Dude you are awesome! You just lifted how many years of worry from my spirit! Those questions are awesome! Thanks